On behalf of the Organizing Committee, the Institute of World Economics of the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Center for European Neighborhood Studies, Central European University we invite you to join us in beautiful Budapest, for the 2nd International Conference entitled THE ROLE OF STATE IN VARIETIES OF CAPITALISM.

Since its beginning the Conference has been trying to document the extent and reach of state capitalism around the world and explore its economic implications. The 2016 Conference aims particularly at exploring the ideas around liberalism and economic patriotism in present day capitalist systems.

The rationale behind the Conference is that after the end of the Cold War European economic thought and policies were dominated by liberalization and market opening. The spirit of the age was very much determined deep-rooted trust in the superiority of liberal capitalist ideas, success of the European project, its global competitiveness and by the process of transition in Eastern Europe. Notwithstanding, in the last decade the notional and normative differences between national economic policies have widened considerably. Economic patriotism has become more popular both in Western and Eastern Europe. There is a variety of reasons: the decline of the popularity of supranational institutions, the changing political and economic standing of Europe in the world, high social costs of the 2007/9 financial crisis and the social and ideological aftermath of transition in Eastern Europe all play a role.

The idea of the conference is to collect contributions on the clashes of liberal economic thought and economic patriotism on national and supranational levels during the past 10-15 years. Main strands of interest are the transition process in Central and Eastern Europe, European integration (“fortress Europe” vs. TTIP, conflicting national and supranational interests), emerging markets in world trade and capital flows as well as theoretical contributions on liberalism and economic patriotism today.

Our Conference welcomes high quality contributions proposing advances in the field of theory, empirics or policy.

Contributions to SVOC2016 should be related to the general theme of the conference “liberalism and economic patriotism in present day capitalist systems” with the aim of understanding

  1. Economic Liberalism (general)
  2. Economic Patriotism (general)
  3. National and European Policy Motives
  4. Economic Patriotism/Liberalism in Central and Eastern Europe
  5. European Patriotism/Liberalism
  6. Economic Patriotism/Liberalism in Emerging markets
  7. Other

Our keynote speakers will be:

Leszek Balcerowicz
(Warsaw School of Economics)

Ben Clift
(University of Warwick)
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